Frequently Asked Questions: Vinyl Siding & Replacement Windows

1. How does vinyl siding hold up to the elements?

When properly installed, vinyl siding is a good choice for New Englanders because it stands up to harsh winters and fluctuating, seasonal weather conditions. Vinyl siding is designed to expand and contract as temperatures rise and fall.

2. Will my choices for color and design be limited?

testimonial from jimVinyl siding is now available in dozens of tasteful colors. With the various width clapboard-style vinyl, cedar-style and fish-scale-style vinyl shingles, textured shakes, trim pieces and accessories such as cornices, moldings, and corner pieces, you can maintain the architectural aesthetics related to the period or style of your home.

3. Are vinyl siding and window replacement considered to be good investments?

Low maintenance requirements and durability of vinyl siding make it a good investment whether you plan to stay in your home or sell. Replacing old, leaky windows with tight fitting, energy efficient ones, will save on fuel bills and pay for themselves over a reasonable time. If you are planning to sell right away, you should talk with your Realtor prior to making any decisions about upgrading your home.

4. Are Sev-Co's vinyl siding, windows, and doors warranted?

Sev-Co Siding & Windows uses only quality products, all of which carry manufacturers' warranties. Depending on the brand and style of siding, windows, and doors you choose, the extent of the warranty varies. While you are in the process of choosing materials, we will provide warranty information.

5. How do I maintain the quality and attractiveness of my vinyl siding?

Regular maintenance of your vinyl siding will keep it looking attractive and increase its durability. Avoid scratching or breaking the siding, do not lean ladders, yard tools, bicycles and other materials against it. To prevent the siding from melting, keep heat sources such as grills, smokers, torches, chimineas, etc. a good distance away. Keep your siding clean by hosing it down a couple of times a year to remove dust and debris.

6. How do I wash my vinyl siding?

Make sure your windows and doors are closed! Turn off the power to outside lights. Cover lights, outlets, and electrical fixtures with plastic bags, secure with duct tape. Protect shrubbery and gardens by covering them. Usually the hose spray will remove most of the dirt. If needed, use a soft-bristled brush like you would use to wash your car.

You can make a cleaning solvent by mixing one part laundry detergent and two parts household detergent to 16 parts water. If mildew is a problem mix white vinegar with water to make a cleaning solution; and hand wash moldy sections. Start spraying at the bottom moving horizontally at a steady pace, working your way up. Then rinse right away, working from the top down to avoid streaking and staining. Do not allow the cleaning solution to dry on the siding. If you are using a power-washer, please follow the manufacturer's guidelines for safety.

Sev-Co Siding & Windows is a fully insured and licensed contractor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.